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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Simon Park28/Male/United Kingdom Groups :iconnot-so-mainstream: Not-so-Mainstream
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please view my works up close, they are designed to be scrutinized up close!
all hand drawn from imagination...
our minds are our greatest ally
and our greatest weapon.
also, check out my scrapbook for more!
I'm Copyright Protected by NewYorkKid618Every Moment by AshaleyFaye…

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the art of others that i admire, either for their level of skill or for their tenacity and passion. anyone getting in here is amazing as far as i am concerned.



Journal History

I been thinking recently a lot about theology, religion, and what we are.
I mean, if you really look beyond the "veil" we wear;
the little hair-do's and clothing dont's -
arguments are made between mankind about things as trivial as what sort of music you enjoy -
something wholly personal; yet other people feel the need to interject their feelings upon you, and tell you that because they don't like your music, that the music you listen to is no good.
Everything is subjective. What that means is this;
Some people undoubtedly like Skrillex. Some think his music is garbage.
Some people really like pornography. Some people find it absolutely disgusting.
Some people actually like violence. I went out with a girl once that was an actual sado-masochist. These people exist.
some people like to meditate, and others are scared to even try.
No single opinion is right or wrong, whether it be from a book, preacher or parent, telling you otherwise.

The problem comes from people believing their own world view only;
because I'm English, other languages perplex me. Sure, I can speak a little French, a little German, a little Spanish-
But these languages were not indoctrinated into my psyche from a young age, and therefor are alien to me.
My mother, bless her heart, tried to instill in me a christian ideology, so I would be abetter person;
But had I been born in the middle-east, I would be indoctrinated instead into Islam.
Had I been born in the middle-east two thousand years ago,
I would have probably been indoctrinated into the worship of Marduk.

But there comes a time in our lives when choice - actual freedom to make up one's own mind and decide upon a course of action based upon this strategy - becomes a defining contribution to our future selves.
This is the crunch-point; a time and place in your existence when suddenly, and indescribably, you are alone.
But this need not be a bad thing.
Your journey here on this world, in this time, is an amazing adventure, and your decisions change not only the journey, but the outcome also. To make wise decisions, you must factor into account many different things.
But overall, your eventual happiness, rather than instant gratification, should be important here.
Today lasts twenty-four hours;
Your lifetime will probably last a fair bit longer.
So take five minutes today to actually think about what you want from life, and make decisions based upon your discernment.
After all, you only get one shot at being YOU,
and that in itself is a precious gift and opportunity.

Namaste, artists of the Earth.
You are all philosophers, and soldiers of freedom.
Remember that.
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: This rockin' new song. Obviously.
  • Reading: The long War - Terry Pratchett
  • Watching: my daughter twirl across the living room.
  • Playing: with prismacolors
  • Eating: salad :)
  • Drinking: dandelion ayurvedic tea.


Simon Park
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Simon Park has been an avid drawer his whole life, striving to create a style that is unique, provocative and powerful.

Influenced by modern fantasy films, comics, orchestral scores and rennaissance art, he uses cross-hatching and vivid colours, With a heavy emphasis on dynamics, scale, tiny details and down to earth characters to drive forward the old adage that every picture tells a thousand words.

He does not usually intend a specific story during the creation process, but rather builds an elaborate snapshot for the viewer to imagine a story for.
Many of his works are intended to open dialogue; to embrace or question ideals and ideologies of modern society, and look upon them with new eyes.
He relishes in hiding in plain sight details which the viewer can find upon a second or third viewing.

His time not spent with his partner :iconbizkit66: and their children, or curled up somewhere drawing, is spent hiking, mountain climbing and meditating.

I do commissions for points too =P

we think therefore we am, right?

Current Residence:Europe (the english bit)
Print preference: canvas or card
Favourite genre of music: nu-metal dubstep classical orchestral
Favourite style of art: landscapes and Surrealistic inclinations more and more as time goes by
Shell of choice: silver and disc shaped
Wallpaper of choice: allsorts of posters
Skin of choice: grey and wrinkly with LARGE black eyes O.O
Favourite cartoon character: Snufkin
Personal Quote: If you can look down upon the clouds, and know that you are safe,
then you have learnt to fly. good on you!


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Also i will be funding more contests through my group in upcoming months, and NEED points for prizes too! if you can help out there it would be most appreciated!!!

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Shadows and Dust by simonpark81
Shadows and Dust
We are the aliens to any other world out there.
Any given world could hold any number of surprises,
And we would be judged upon the actions of others of our species who got there first.

If some manic soldier managed to find a technologically reduntant race and proclaimed himself god with our own technologies, that he had stolen from his own countries military, and the people welcomed him with open arms.....
then was discovered and ran away.... then possibly throughout that whole world would spread legends not to trust any men from the sky.
Then you would appear untrustworthy, simply because you are a human.

...Think on that.

(C) simon park 01/7/2015 drawn using pigment ink fineliners prismacolor pencils, misc. pens and A LOT OF GREY.
...used seven different grey prismacolors for this one. was trying to achieve a more sedate colouring scheme for once.
i just love rainbow pics so much though.
...this is the completed half of an image i am working on, that will eventually be uploaded as a seperate piece.
Parkland meets Pokemon by simonpark81
Parkland meets Pokemon
So for his birthday drawing this year my son asked me to create an original Pokemon...
So here I proudly present ..
Petaldon & Razordon!
Leaf type; lives in forested mountainous regions.
Hatches from a large, greenish grey egg, which are nested in clutches of up to five.
Both parents guard the nest however, and trying to capture the eggs from a nest is used in the local region as a common saying to mean something is impossible, as in; "you may as well try to rustle a Razordon nest!"

The young Petaldon blends in well with flowery meadows if they stay very still.
Said to be excellent swimmers, despite their great size, they love to dive into rivers to catch fish and turtles.
Once caught, Razordons are said to fiercely protect their trainer.

Pokemon are obviously not my idea, no copyright infringement intended.
No re-use of my work please.
(C) Simon Park 2015
work in progress update....
I'm working on a fair few different projects at once right now, here is a commission i'm working on :P

working in pigment ink fineliners,
based on the old PS1 game LEGEND.
The homestead by simonpark81
The homestead
Parkland, a world that not only survived it's apocalypse, but regrew into something amazing and free; a world without limits or boundaries, without racial or social prejudices...
...Though many generations have passed on since the great tumult, all of humanity swore to honour and remember that we, the human race, managed to bring about our own world's destruction.
Part of that is in remembering our mistakes, and to always try to help our fellow man, and indeed all other terrestrial biological races-
no matter the circumstance -
for it became clear long ago, that if we let ourselves be seperated by greed, jealosy, argument or religion,
that ultimately we only harmed ourselves as a race.

Here we can see the homestead,
a cosy little place that is built a few miles away from the first of the "great crags" -
massive monoliths of slate mixed gratuitously with brimstone, giving them a distinctive smell even from afar.
however, the geological activity involved means that the local watersource is warmed by thermal vents, and though upstream it boils in some places, here it is a wonderfully warm and pleasant river to dip one's feet in after a hard day trekking or foraging, visiting the local markert (only a two-hour stroll south through excellent woodlands which command beautiful views- just follow the river!) or daring to explore the great wealth of local and sometimes very deep caves!

....nothing better than relaxing in the hammock and watching the squirrels play at sunset :squee:
Enetering this for the :iconsharpenededge: contest, fingers crossed! :fingerscrossed:

If you want to explore Parkland further, follow me down the rabbit hole...…………
Balthazaar The Fish by simonpark81
Balthazaar The Fish
so a few people have asked what my foot-long goldfish looks like...
Well, here he is! I have affectionately named him Balthazaar in recent months, in deference to his amazing ability to outgrow any tank we have so far fitted him out with. His shy life-buddy is Dollar, another goldfish (but silver) that REALLY doesnt like being photographed.
took me about fifteen minutes of chasing him with the camera to get a shot this good.

so... Balthazaar is about 12 inches long, around 3 inches tall and almost an inch thick around the belly.
Dollar is a bit smaller, about 7 inches long, and submissive to Balthazaar. They survived being almost murdered by my partner's ex, who had forgotten about them and their other tank-mate and left them without pump or food for over 2 months in a dark cupboard.
after carrying them back and cleaning them out, they became lively and friendly, and very, very hungry.
unfortunately we lost the third goldie, which was a beautiful little fantail.

as the years passed, they grew and grew, until we finally decided to go all out and get an absolutely massive tank for them - 500 litre :)
in the few months since we got the new tank, we have been shocked to watch them steadily get bigger and bigger - approaching river fish size now! We take the approach that any pet is a member of the family, whether it be a dog, rat or fish,
and these members of the family are a constant inspiration to me.

The trick for keeping them alive so long (they are about ten years old now) is:
-regular small feeds - two or sometimes 3 a day
-only clean their pump every week - not the water
-change about 20% of their water every few weeks
-live plants - especially brazilian water weed, which is awesome
-crystals imbued with loving energy ; and im not kidding - these are important!
one of the many crystals in our fishtank is a huge boulder of rose-quartz, about eight inches tall and weighs a good deal too.

I love my fish so much, I'm sharing the image with all. All i ask in return is that if you use it for anything art related, please link me up on there, and let me know so i can come and take a look at what awesome art you create with this!
I may upload some other shots of my epic goldfish, i have another shot from a more head-on angle.

UPDATE: Dollar has passed away, and it rather traumatized balthazaar. we fretted over it for a week or so, then bit the bullet and went and bought two six inch shubunkins to be his new friends. since they have been introduced, all are happy and foraging together as a group. online people will tell you not to try re-housing fish that have left partners behind because they can get nasty; but if you re-introduce the old fish at the same time as the new into a DIFFERENT LOOKING TANK with new obstacles and flooring and decoration etc, they can happily get along as a unit.
The new shubunkins are called Hernando and Igor. will upload a pic of them sometime.

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