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please view my works up close, they are designed to be scrutinized up close!
all hand drawn from imagination...
our minds are our greatest ally
and our greatest weapon.
also, check out my scrapbook for more!
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the art of others that i admire, either for their level of skill or for their tenacity and passion. anyone getting in here is amazing as far as i am concerned.



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If your gonna read this, i beg you to read the whole thing. then i welcome any and all comments.

As i grew up, i questioned every belief that was thrust at me.
I had people try moulding me into a christian, a muslim (once upon a time), a badass, a hippy.... a soldier, a solicitor, a scientist...
i had people begging me to accept their beliefs, instead of making my own, based upon my personal judgments...
none of the people who did this to me had a care for my actual beliefs;
they only wanted me to emulate theirs.
In such a world where individuality is both prized and frowned upon,
a world in which literally you can be praised for something in one country, but arrested for the same thing in another country;
is this really what people want? for tomorrow to be just like today? for your children to be just like you?
i pity all that think this way.
you are causing the destruction of not only your own values, but also you are making a mockery of everything that we have here. we were given a paradise to live in, and we all add to its destruction every day-
with the misguided vision that perhaps the world might just go away when you die.

evidence of A god is everywhere, written in science and terrific works of genius -
things like the himalayan balsam, capable of firing its seeds up to nine metres away from the mother plant-
things like the duck-billed platypus, an egg laying mammal.
things like the fact that atoms are structured EXACTLY the same as solar systems.

and you know what gets me?
you all argue over what name your going to give to this god.
and when you dont agree, you get nasty with each other, with other beings also of god's creation;
proving that you are in fact the least intelligent of this god's creations-
not just because you cant agree on what to call it, with your silly little human tongues - supposedly based upon the design of god itself's tongue - but also because you then throw into question the things you spout as truth.

if god is infallible and cannot be wrong, how come certain people need circumsizing? were we designed badly by god? did he make a mistake, and then demand through the bible, torah and quran that due to this mistake, people should cut pieces of their children off?
why do we have an appendix? again, does this not prove that something went wrong?

or perhaps -

just perhaps -

whatever created everything - maybe...

just maybe.... it left everything to get on with it billions of years ago, was astonished and pleased beyond belief when animals began to change and develop on their own - and decided to sit back and enjoy creation -
and then of course human beings came along. and we argued over which bit of land was ours. we argued over cutting pieces off our children. we argued over priests taking advantage. we argued with our neighbours and our children. we argued until we had to go to war....
 maybe the ten golden commandments really did happen. maybe jesus really did die for our sins. maybe mohammed (peace be upon him) truly did preach the word of god itself. maybe even joseph smith did find golden tablets written about jesus living in america.
and then god just gave up on us.... right?
thats the logical decision to make at this point, when the seas are dying, the world is at war, and no two people can agree on anything?

because obviously, our sins are not forgiven - because we continue to commit attrocities every day -
crimes like beheading people because they believe in something you do not.
crimes like burning witches at the stake because they could cure people.
crimes like torturing innocent people because they MIGHT know something ...
crimes like indefinate detention, like a legal system that is funded by drug money. like going to war over oil,
or like attacking holiday makeers because they are beautiful people and you are poor.
people of earth, you have been given a chance to be beautiful, and you squander it all over such piffling little insecurities as to what name we should use for god? over how we should worship god?
we should all be ashamed of ourselves.
no holy book was written by god. they were all written by men - whether they believed they were being guided or not -
i have heard of plenty of misguided fools claiming to be guided by god -
tony blair claims he was guided by god during the war in iraq too. and all he did was follow george buddy-boy bush into killing hundreds of innocent muslims, just to hunt down a few that they mostly didnt catch anyways, and who are now obviously pissed off and fighting back. with good reason.
the time will come for humility. the time will come for redemption and seeing through the shadows.
but i will not swear allegiance to a single "self service holy scripture" because they are all a means to an end.
stop worshipping god and start looking up to it instead.
decide for yourself - what is best for humanity? not for you, not for your belief system, but for your BIOSYSTEM.
because that is tangible, that is here right now, and it WILL kill your children if we keep bombing, polluting and destroying all life around us.

As my work evolves and becomes something i never foresaw, it leads me to question myself more and more.
The more i question, the more i find i dont need outside interference, god is in me, and you. i can feel it now.
its in the trees, the birds and the whales- the wind, the sun and the very mother earth herself is all god.
most of which are being killed every day by humans.

and dont worry, im not unhappy (before my watchers start trying to cheer me up) - i actually find this funny.
you see, if god is infallible, that means we are meant to destroy the world, we are meant to shoot animals with no reason other than boredom, we are meant to slowly poison the world until it can longer support life. we are meant to argue over god's name until we are all dead;
because we are gods creation, we are meant to do exactly as we have been doing.
no worries! world wars, genocide and plagues are all part of his master plan. he moves in mysterious ways after all.
perhaps then.... we are simply the virus debugging file for the world? maybe we are here to end all life so it can start afresh.
i have heard the argument that satan is doing this, and that is either absolute tosh, or that is also gods plan.
so.... no worries eh? even if your depressed, you're meant to be that way!
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Simon Park
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Traditional Artist, I work mainly with biro's, fineliners,
cheap pencil crayons and pencils in an attempt to create honest works of art.

My work stems mainly from soul searching, meditation, and a passion for nature and the world around me. I am a follower of almost buddhistic teachings and think this reflects in my work too.

I do commissions for points too =P

we think therefore we am, right?

Current Residence: Earth (help!)
Print preference: canvas
Favourite genre of music: anything with soul
Favourite style of art: landscapes and Surrealistic inclinations more and more as time goes by
Shell of choice: silver and disc shaped
Wallpaper of choice: allsorts of posters
Skin of choice: grey and wrinkly with LARGE black eyes O.O
Favourite cartoon character: I am a cartoon character
Personal Quote: Tempus may well fugit but im sick of this sh*t.

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